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Quality Oil at the Right Price

Motorol Lubricants envisions to be a one stop shop for all the customer’s needs when it comes to lubricants.

A fledging brand that took its first few steps 50 years back in India, Motorol Lubricants has aligned itself geographically and strategically along with its ever-evolving demand base to become one of the trusted names in the international arena. Today, Motorol is manufactured out of strategic locations in the Ras Al Khaimah, UAE – serving the Middle East; Nairobi, Kenya – serving Africa; and Gujarat, India – serving the Indian subcontinent. We cater to about 25 countries including and around the countries of the various manufacturing units. Since Motorol’s inception, we have added various products to its portfolio. Today it consists of over 150 different lubricants to serve countless industries such as metal working, textile, electrical, and automotive. And with a strong technical team, we have been constantly adding to this portfolio.

At Motorol Lubricants, we strive to fill in the gaps in one’s need and understanding of the lubrication process. We provide not only the appropriate products, but also the expertise towards suitable and beneficial application.

Motorol Lubricants boasts a unique and personalized distribution network with all the distributors working together, as business partners, to grow the brand, with various activities such as co-branding and joint marketing.

East Africa: